Thursday, 30 August 2012

Topshop Nails- Eyes Of Steel

I love Topshops nail polishes. They do the best range of metallics, they don't just stick to the obvious silvers and golds but have metallic greens, pinks and purples. Eyes Of Steel is my current favourite colour, its kind of a lilic and silver shimmer polish. I just think its such a pretty colour and goes great with lots of silver rings. I also like the polka dot doodle packaging and the price is reasonable at six pounds.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Caudalie Beauty Elixer

I know, I know not another review of what I swear is the most hyped product of the year. But this month I caved and bought in to the buzz of the beauty elixir.

I personally really like the Caudalie beauty elixir. I use it as quick face mist before I put my make-up on and when I just want to quickly refresh my make-up. I find it quick and easy to use, the tea trea smelling scent is strong but I don't mind that. I think its great to use when travelling on coaches and especially in hot weather its nice to have a lovely fresh feeling to your skin.

However the price I find ridiculous. I got this mini bottle for £11, which is far more then I would normally spend on something so small. However I do love the concept of the elixir. But The Body Shop do a Vitamin E mist which will probably be a lot cheaper.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

New Blog Name And Header

As you can see, I have changed my blog name and header. Previously having been called 'The Shopping Diary' I would document my purchases from clothes, scarves, dvds and so on. I just felt that this was no longer what my blog was about and it needed a new name.

This blog originally started of as a uni project but now a couple of months on with the project over I started trying out different styles of posts. I got sucked into all the different beauty blogs and their youtube channels (such as Essie Button, Dizzy Brunette, Fleur De Force and Sprinkle of Glitter). My blog became more then a uni project but a past time that I actually enjoyed.

Since then my blog has become very much a beauty based blog. I chose to call my blog 'Bow Bentley' as I just wanted something sweet and simple. Bentley is my surname and well, I love bows and have lots of jewellery and clothes with them on. I thought it would look pretty and decorative and would fit perfectly. My lovely friend Gabby (who also has a blog designed the header with me as she is a design student so is amazing and all things like that!

Anyway I just thought I should explain why I changed the name and I hope you all like it! :)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Pixi-Endless Silky Eye Pen

I am in love with this eye pencil. It glides on softly and easily with an intense colour and a lovely creamy texture. It also is waterproof which is a plus. I picked this up in the Pixi store located on Caranby Street for I think £9.50.

I chose the colour Oyster, which is a bit of a change for me. I used to be black eye liner devotee, to be honest I probably went a tad over board with it. But recently I have embraced the lighter coloured eye pencils and liners. I feel like they are much more summery and brighten up the eye area and make my eyes look bigger. Oyster also has a very slight shimmery tone to it, which I love.

Also I think the packaging is so pretty!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Maybelline Eye Studio Silky Glam Shadows

I have been wearing this eyeshadow non stop since I got it from my time at Reveal Magazine. I love the small size of the compact which means I keep it in my day to day make-up that I use when travelling or if I'm just staying over my boyfriends.

It is in the Bronze Drama colour. It comes with a base that you can also use a highlighter then I bronze shadow, dark olive green colour and a dark sparkly grey to use as a liner.

I personally use the base all over and in the inner corner of my eyes. Then the bronze blended in to the outer corner. For the night I use the base and the olive green in my outer corners and then the grey as a under eye liner.

They stay on really well even without a primer and blend and smudge nicely.

I think I may look in to the other colours that they have as I love this set so much!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Beauty Travel Essentials

I am off to London for 4 days this weekend to see Blur as part of the Hyde Park Olympics party and I am also going to Verona for 4 days in September. So I wanted to get some empty travel containers to take with me.

I learnt from my last holiday that it is all my moisturisers and cleansers that weigh down my luggage. I got this set of empty containers and translucent pouch (which will be great for airports) for £6 from the Body Shop. It comes with 3 bottles, two pots and a little scraper. I plan on putting my Body Shop tea tree toner, Clinique cleansing milk and some moisturiser in the bottles. In the pots I plan on putting some hair serum and an exfoliator.

I also can never travel without a lip balm and this Body Shop Vitamin E lip care product with an spf of 15 is my new favourite. It is very moisturising and tastes like vanilla! I also picked up some hand and face wipes from H&M I find wet wipes really handy to carry in my bag and this pack is very pretty and small.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Moroccan Oil

I have been lusting after this product for months. After seeing it so many glossy magazines and appearing in lots of blogs declaring it as the holy grail for hair, I finally got my hands on it. The moroccan hair oil is a nourishing oil that you can apply to wet or dry hair (and apparently your body too) that gives it the most glossy shine and makes my hair feel so soft!

It does come at a price though. I don't even want admit how much I spent on a hair product. I wanted to treat myself and well yeah it was £30. Yep it pretty much costs the same as an actual cut and blow dry. But seriously it is worth it. It is amazing! It comes in a glass bottle and you only need a tiny pea-sized amount so I am planning on making the bottle last a long time!

Moroccan oil has made such a difference to my hair, it has improved the condition as well as controlling fly aways making my hair shiny and manageable. It also doesn't make my hair look greasy like some other oil hair products that I have used.

It is worth the price tag and people have even noticed the improvement on my hair's condition. I do absolutely adore this product but I cant exactly afford to have an expensive hair habit so am going to be looking into cheaper alternatives, when I have finished this bottle.

Birthday Presents Haul

Sorry I've been a bit absent on blogger for while but I managed to misplace my camera lead. Plus I have been very busy with my birthday and started a new Summer job and the sun has finally come out so I have made sure I made the most of the amazing weather.

Anyway, I love hearing what people get up too on there birthdays. I especially love seeing what people got. I used to love it when I was little and at parties we all had to sit around an watch the birthday boy or girl open up all their presents. So I thought I would do a little post on what I got for my 19th.

It was 19th birthday a few weekends ago and I went for a meal with my family my boyfriend at the really pretty hotel Chewton Glenn. I also went for a pub lunch with my closest friends the following day.

I was very spoilt by my friends and family and am am so happy with and grateful for all my gifts :) Here are a few photos of some of the presents I received.

I got this Alexander McQueen skull bracelet from my family and then some Topshop bracelets from some friends and my Grandparents.

I also got a bag and matching purse from my boyfriend that he bought from Stylist Pick. My Grandparents also got me a make-up bag from Topshop.

My boyfriend got me this ISWAI ring/bracelet that was designed by Caggie Dunlop from Made In Chelsea. His family bought me the Little Miss Prada mug.

I also got some other goodies such as bath bombs from Lush, lots of books, mini prada perfume and shower creme, a mini Bourjois make-up set and some tops from Sandro.