Monday, 30 January 2012

Miss Selfridge Dress

This £32 Miss Selfridge buy plus with extra money off using my Student discount may very well be my new favourite day dress. I adore the shirt style to it and its black collar plus the little gold buttons that got all the way down the dress. The block colours are easy to wear and the peachy pink adds a sweet Spring edge to it. For the Winter weather I am wearing the dress with thick wooly tights, my grey Accessorize cuff, biker boots or brogues and my grey leather jacket. For the Spring I plan to wear it with lots of bangles, sandals or pumps and a little cardigan.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Accessorize Cuff Bracelet

In the last few remaining days of the sales I picked up this embellished cuff with 70% off from Accessorize. The grey colour means it goes with most things and it makes great piece of statement jewellery. The one issue I had with it is, that whenever it brushed against my tights the rhinestones gets caught on them and ladder them. However still not a bad buy. I also bought this cute bird ring. I love bird printed clothes and jewellery, so this little bird will match nicely to my Topshop Swallow earrings and Accessorize Owl necklace.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pixi Make-Up

I have never tried this brand of make-up before, but the cute fairy logo and pastel colours caught my eye. So I ended up buying their powder compact called "Flawless Vitamin Veil". The light green compact includes a mirror and a handy little pop out tray containing a sponge to apply the powder with. The powder smooths onto my skin giving great coverage. It sinks in to my skin instead of laying on top so doesn't make it obvious that I am wearing make-up. The powder is enhanced with vitamins to help give your skin a healthy glow. It includes aloe vera to sooth stressed skin, Vitamin C which as an anti ageing ingredient  and Vitamin E to revitalise tired skin. So not only does this powder product come in a pretty compact box, but it also helps your skin!


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lipsy Trench Coat

It's official, I now love Lipsy. I recently purchased this trench coat to add to my selection of Lipsy clothing including a red dress, nude coloured skirt, a stripy jumper embellished with a sequinned anchor and a pair of shorts. I thought this trench coat had a classy elegance to it but still remains youthful and girlie. It will be prefect for Spring weather. I was especially attracted to the pale pink and white polka-dot lining of the coat. I can admit it didn't come cheap with its £80 price tag but I believe it's worth it to pay that little bit extra when it comes to coat's as you get a lot of wear out of them. I also plan on wearing it lots when I go to Paris this March for Fashion Week.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Dream Cupcakes

You can never beat the simple pleasure's in life, such as a really nice cupcake! A brilliant afternoon pick me up consisting of this weeks Stylist magazine that they give away free in French Connection along with a sweet treat. The chocolate cupcake came from the Dream Cupcakes stand in West Quay Southampton, they have one of the prettiest selections. A range of sizes and colours with a sprinkle of mini hearts or Harbio. However I opted for the most Chocolate one I could see and packed up in a little pink box.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Half Price Holiday Essentials? Yes Please!

I was lucky enough to book a holiday to Florida this April with my boyfriend and his family. Naturally my first thought after I booked it was that I of course need lots of lovely new summery clothes to take with me. So in holiday excitement I rushed to the high street sales to get what I needed. I managed to get a leopard print jumpsuit for £10 from Topshop that would make a great bikini cover up, and a "You and Me" thin vest from Miss Selfridge for £7. Lipsy which I originally never thought of to go for clothes that aren't tight party dressed, actually had a great selection of cute items. I got a pair of grey and pink pyjamas and a pair of floaty shorts with a lipstick kiss print.

Obviously I still have a quite a while till I actually go on holiday, so still have lots of time to buy more things. On my wish list is the St Tropez gradual tanning spray, the perfect bikini, denim shorts and a book by Danny Wallace.

Sales Shopping In Knightsbridge

I wanted to only purchase one or two nice items in the sales, and not in a frantic haze end up with silly numerous items of garments that I don't need and aren't even that nice. So I headed to Harvey Nichols, Harrods and The Kings Road. Even though I had under £100 to spend which won't go a long way in such expensive shops, I was still determined to come back with something. However there were many disappointments along the way. I went to Harrods on the first day of it's sale. I was expecting it to be busy, but I was not prepared for queue's that went all round the building and even inside. I could barley move. I love shopping and see it as something enjoyable to do, and this was not my idea of fun. I decided that it was not worth the hassle so left the store. Taking at least half an hour to get my way through the crowds and avoiding being elbowed in the face. If I had more money to spend I would of stayed as with more money I would of been able to purchase something incredible. But with my budget I could only stretch to the posh make-up counter.

I had more luck at the stress free sale at Harvey Nicks, I had to take back a Christmas present that my brother bought me. A lovely set of black and gold See by Chloe bangles but that were unfortunately too big. Luckily I exchanged them for a See by Chloe purse. I also fell in love with a pair of  hot pink shorts by Phillip Lim 2:1. The sale price which was scribbled on the tag in biro, made the price slightly in clear however I read it as £59 so rushed to the catch out to buy them for it to discovered that the five was actually an eight and therefore out of my price range. I was seriously gutted. To cheer myself up I got the beautiful fashion fairy tale book by Christian Lacroix which was half price in Waterstones on the Kings Road for £7.99.