Sunday, 29 April 2012

Whats in my make-up bag

I have always thought that these make-up bag posts were cute and I've recently invested in some new products so thought I would share them with you. Since I am travelling between uni and home a lot I have needed to cut down the size of my make-up bag to a neat little one that I can carry in my handbag which means I cannot to carry round every product I own so I have had to choose my favourite ones and essentials.

 At the moment I am wearing Rimmel's sexy curves mascara and I sometimes curl my lashes but I desperately need a new pair of eye lash curlers as I have had the same Boots own brand ones for ages! I bought a Chanel blusher from the airport back from Florida but am disappointed to be honest, maybe I had too high expectations but the brush is very stringy and its not that different from a high street version. However I also purchased Dior's Forever foundation and it is amazing worth the price tag and stays put all day long. My boyfriend got me a Hello Kitty compact make up set from Sephora which contains a mirror and a set of four Spring eye shadow shades in light green, cream, silver and light brown as well as shades of lipgloss. I also carry round Nivea lip balm, a Benefit brow brush, Loreal eye liner, Marc Jacobs Daisy roll on and a YSL lip stick.

I am currently sat indoors hating this horrible weather so am blogging to keep me occupied when I should be doing essays and other uni projects (only 2 weeks left of my first year eek it's gone so fast!) but I am planning on keeping up my blog over Summer. As well as doing my 2 weeks internship for Reveal magazine in July which I bought a cream smart Jacket from Zara for. I may have got after seeing Millie from Made In Chelsea wearing a very similar one.....Anyway hope everyones had a nice weekend despite the rain!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Disney World And A Disposable Camera

I got back from Florida a week or so ago but due to loads of uni work haven't been able to post about it till now. I had such an amazing time seeing the Disney fireworks and parades, feeding dolphins, looking at film costumes at Hollywood studios and of course shopping.

Before heading off on holiday I bought two disposable cameras for me and my boyfriend from Boots. I used to only ever use disposable cameras before I bought my digital camera and to be honest I missed them. I always put up photos on my wall around my mirror and the hassle of printing them off on the correct paper and using up all my ink was nuisance. So I thought it would be fun to take disposable cameras instead.

It was exciting not being able to see how the pictures turn out until the day you get them developed. Me and my boyfriend Matt made a day of it going out shopping whilst we waited for Boots to develop them and going for coffee afterwards to look through them all for the first time.

I also bought this cute envelope style photo wallet from Disney to put my pictures in and put the rest up around my room.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Kooples wish list

For my current university work I am doing an essay on a PR campaign, and iv'e chosen The Kooples.  This has meant going on their website and looking and clothes I desperately want. I love the simplicity of their clothes and have already got a few pieces (in the sale of course). Here are a few of my favourites from their recent collections that I would love to own.

                                                              Hollywood Biker Top £65

                                                       Broderie Anglaise Strappy Dress £165

                                                              Zipped Vest Top £80

                                                Cigarette Pants With Petersham Detail £155

Friday, 6 April 2012

Bath Fashion Museum

I went the Fashion Museum in Bath last year and came across the photos on my laptop and remembered how lovely it was so thought i'd share my photos with you. It is a great place to visit with a diverse mix of styles. Showcasing celebrity influenced fashion, ethical, and historical fashion. I am still out in Florida at the moment and am looking forward to posting my photos on here it is fair to say I have bought a lot!