Sunday, 29 April 2012

Whats in my make-up bag

I have always thought that these make-up bag posts were cute and I've recently invested in some new products so thought I would share them with you. Since I am travelling between uni and home a lot I have needed to cut down the size of my make-up bag to a neat little one that I can carry in my handbag which means I cannot to carry round every product I own so I have had to choose my favourite ones and essentials.

 At the moment I am wearing Rimmel's sexy curves mascara and I sometimes curl my lashes but I desperately need a new pair of eye lash curlers as I have had the same Boots own brand ones for ages! I bought a Chanel blusher from the airport back from Florida but am disappointed to be honest, maybe I had too high expectations but the brush is very stringy and its not that different from a high street version. However I also purchased Dior's Forever foundation and it is amazing worth the price tag and stays put all day long. My boyfriend got me a Hello Kitty compact make up set from Sephora which contains a mirror and a set of four Spring eye shadow shades in light green, cream, silver and light brown as well as shades of lipgloss. I also carry round Nivea lip balm, a Benefit brow brush, Loreal eye liner, Marc Jacobs Daisy roll on and a YSL lip stick.

I am currently sat indoors hating this horrible weather so am blogging to keep me occupied when I should be doing essays and other uni projects (only 2 weeks left of my first year eek it's gone so fast!) but I am planning on keeping up my blog over Summer. As well as doing my 2 weeks internship for Reveal magazine in July which I bought a cream smart Jacket from Zara for. I may have got after seeing Millie from Made In Chelsea wearing a very similar one.....Anyway hope everyones had a nice weekend despite the rain!

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