Monday, 7 January 2013

Chanel's Little Black Jacket

Quite a while back I went to the Saatchi Gallery to see The Little Black Jacket exhibition. I went in order to research for a uni photography project. Obviously you can never EVER go wrong with Chanel so thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the images. I loved the concept of showing the different ways you can interpret and wear a jacket which is also a nice fresh spin on the 'little black dress'. The many muses varied from actresses, models and singers however the makeup and styling made some of them almost recognisable showing a lot of creativity.

My favourite thing though has to be receiving a large free poster that me and my friend queued for (only for around 15 minutes) for men dressed in suit to inform us "here is a present from Karl".... "Er wow, Ok tell him I say Cheers!"...What a thoughtful guy, just another thing to add to the list of reasons why we love Lagerfeld. 

We got to choose from 3 images, my chosen one is now framed and hanging up in my room ( see christmas post). Here are a few of my favourite photos including Alexa Chung, Elle Fanning and Leigh Lezark....  


  1. Absolutely LOVE this exhibition! We love Karl!

    G x

  2. Hello darling, lovely blog here! Wanna follow each other? Let me know through comments... it would be great to keep in touch =)
    Last time by Ylenia Labate