Sunday, 15 July 2012

Mary Quant Make-Up

I have always loved the 60s its my favourite decade by far especially the make-up an the hair. So when I popped into the Mary Quant store on Kings Road I fell in love with all the beautiful make-up products they had. Plus it all came in the cute monochrome flower packaging.

I was so tempted to buy lots of their eyeshadow pallets and blushers and even there skin products, but I didn't know much about them and didn't want to impulse buy too much. Especially when the items were around £12 or £16.

But I did pick up this cute eye pencil sharpener and an eye brow brush. They are around the £2.50 mark I think. I then bought this action lashings lengthening mascara. The brush is in a style I've never tried before but is perfect for doing my lower lashes. I love how slim the brush is, it really separates my lashes as well an lengthening them so it makes it look very natural. It widens my eyes and doesn't clump at all I am very pleased with the effect it has.

I also bought two pairs of knee high socks in the sale for £3.50, I just thought they were really sweet. I especially love the grey heart print and eye lashes detail and the other more monochrome flower style.

Also I have now finished my internship at Reveal, I may do a little post on how it all went? Plus they gave a large gift of beauty and hair goodies to say thanks and I can not to wait to try it all out and review them on here :)

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