Monday, 12 December 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is.......

Christmas shopping is a joy for some while others loathe it. For once I have been organised and I have finished all my Christmas shopping already. I normally tend to spend ages going back and forth from different shops, over thinking and analysing each item. Convincing myself that I will find something better or less expensive in the next shop I go too. But this year I decided to take a different approach and not over think each gift or try way too hard trying to find something different and quirky. I personally think presents should be indulgent, the sort of things that you wouldn't buy for yourself such as beauty sets and over priced bath sets and pretty yet pointless goodies.

For my Cousins I have bought them both a cute little coin purse from Accessorize and lace nail transfers. For my Mum I got a Chanel nail polish and it looks beautiful all wrapped up in tissue paper and in a Chanel bag. I find guys always the hardest to buy for. For my Brother who has a penchant for expensive designer things and Lives in Chelsea he now seems to spend quite a bit of time applying moisturiser and doing his hair. So I got him Clinique exfoliator, moisturiser and soap. It also had an offer that if you bought 3 items you get a free miniature travel set of the Clinique mens products. For my Dad who likes to think of himself as a bit of a foodie, I got a Cheese set from John Lewis which is a box containing cheeses, chutneys and crackers. My Boyfriend who is in a band and loves music more then anything I bought a Nirvana Never mind vinyl as well as a leather bracelet.

Christmas can be a very busy time of year. I have already had 2 Christmas dinners. One with my roommates where we all swapped secret santa gifts and had a lovely turkey dinner, and another one where I had a Christmas lunch at a pub with my boyfriend as he is going on holiday over Christmas with his family. However this does mean I got early presents, I got a gorgeous heart and diamond necklace along with sugar mice and champagne truffles. His family got me a lovely box of goodies including owl earrings from Accessorize and a Red Herring Jumper with sequinned birds and hearts along with a nail varnish set and Ted Baker shower treats. I just hope everyone loves their presents as much as I have loved mine.

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