Thursday, 31 January 2013

Valentines Gift Inspirations

Valentines day is slowly approaching (if you cant already tell by how every pink and red product shops own are suddenly pushed right to the front of the store). I wont lie to you I am not a massive fan of over priced chocolates but I do have a soft spot for a cute heart motif or some flirty lace. If you want avoid red maybe try soft pinks and rose gold. If you really are not into the stereotypical valentines colours and want to have an edge try purples. So here are my top seven (sorry for the very random number) of romantic (ish) treats for Valentines. And if in doubt buy Chanel...

                                                    Topshop Bra £14.00
                                                    River Island Heart Sweets £4.00

                                                    Asos Gloves £18.00

                                                    Chanel Luminous Eye Shadow

                                                    Topshop Love Tube Skirt £22.00

                                                    Topshop Ring Part Of Set Of 4 £7.50

                                                    Lolita Selected Book Stores


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  2. Aw, i love the cute little ring!