Friday, 9 November 2012

Frock Me Vintage Fashion Faire

A few weekends ago I visited Chelsea Town Hall for the Frock Me vintage faire. Which was filled to the brim of luxury designer vintage goods. Shoes, hats, jewellery, fur, wedding dresses they had it all. Despite the fact they were all second hand does not mean it was student budget friendly. But with my student £2.00 entry I got a lovely free bag and book on the best places to have cream tea. I actually visited the fair not to shop but to interview vintage sellers for a article I have to write for a university project. But that didn't mean I couldn't look at all the wonderful items that the faire had to offer. My favourite items have to be anything by Biba especially the black jumper with shimmery white sequins and a Valentino silver skirt from the 1920s that scream luxurious flapper girl. 


  1. Ahh I am so jealous!
    It all looks so beautiful!
    And, I love the Great Gatsby, can't wait for the film this Christmas!

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