Sunday, 8 July 2012

Collection- Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner

As some of you may know I am currently interning at Reveal Magazine. Interning may involve working for free but the experience and perks make it worth while. One of the perks is attending Pr events, I went to a Collection one (previously known as Collection 2000) to look at there new products and walked away with a generous goody bag. These gel liners were by the far the best stand out product in my opinion.

Retailing at £4.99 makes it a lot cheaper then other gel liners and it comes in a little glass pot with a brush. There are four colours to chose from; Black, Brown, Gold and Teal. They are very matt with no shimmer or glitter. It has a lovely creamy texture so it glides on easily.

Collection gel eyeliner promises long lasting, and it really is! Doesn't budge all day, it's like it's tattooed on! The colours are very intense and show up really well, the colour doesn't fade throughout the day. Since the liner is long lasting means it works on my water line and is still stays put and is vibrant.

The downside is there is only these four colours, they really should release more I would love one in Silver or Navy. Also the brush is quite small, but hey what do you expect for £4.99.

These are now my new favourite eye liners and I would recommend them without a doubt!

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