Monday, 18 June 2012

Instant Nail Polish Remover By Pretty Quik

I originally went out to buy Bourjois magic nail polish remover which costs £4.99. I have read many good things about it on blogs and many magazine, so unsurprisingly was out of stock at my local Superdrug. I was really disappointed but then spotted in their nail care section a similar version of the product by Pretty Quik which was half the price costing £2.99.

I am pleased to say that it is amazing. This nail polish remover is honestly the best thing!! It is so quick and needs zero effort. It is a little pot that is filled with a sponge soaked with nail polish remover. In a school boy innuendo fashion you dip your finger in to the pot and twist it around for a second or two and thats it! It took about a minute to remove polish off both hands, a lot quicker then when I used to use the little circular wipes. The pot also include vitamin E so is good for your nail as well! 

I can not stress enough how good this product is, especially if like me your a bit of a nail polish addict and like changing them often. 


  1. I have yet to try something similar. You have an awesome blog going on:) Go ahead & check my page if you like. & Maybe we can follow each other,

    1. Aww Thanks. So do you! I now follow your blog :)