Saturday, 19 May 2012

Zara Shoes

So, to celebrate finishing my first year of university I wanted to go out and treat myself in my new favourite shop Zara. I actually went to get a white shirt with a studded collar that i'm pretty sure Louise from Made In Chelsea was wearing in a recent episode. But sadly for me they didn't have it in stock. But I did stumble across these sandals. I think since there black and a peachy nude colour with a bit of sparkle mean these will be great for the evening as well as to dress up a day outfit.

I originally needed a new pair of heels but since I've been 18 for nearly a year now Im kinda over the whole heels and dress clubbing outfit and much prefer a more laid back shirt or t-shirt and shorts look. I always wore little heels anyway as i'm fussy about my feet being comfortable. Plus I tend to go out to town with mostly guys and they just don't have the sympathy or time for me to be tottering about and moaning about my feet in a massive pair of heels. So I may even try wearing these out to town instead of heels....maybe.

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