Monday, 5 March 2012


I came back from Paris yesterday and it really was beautiful. Eating lots of delicious food and trawling markets and shops with friends it made a brilliant weekend.

When I went to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa a few years back I was disappointed feeling let down by the hype of this realistically small painting behind a roped barrier. However this time round, going with low expectations I found her quite enchanting. I couldn't help but smile back at her and be smug at the fact that I could now see what the big deal is about her. We also walked across the many bridges and came across this beautiful romantic gesture of hundreds of locks attached to the railings with love notes and initials written on them. We had the intention to attend some shows but unfortunately didn't feel brave enough to attempt to blag away in but we were lucky enough to be surrounded by the outside buzz of Isabel Marant's show and took many pictures of the fashionable Parisian stars.

I will upload some blog posts on the street style and and my exciting beauty buys later this week.

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