Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Midnight in Paris

My new favourite film directed by Woody Allen and starring Owen Wilson and Rachel Mcadams is the most fashionable film of the year in my opinion. It is almost like a love letter to Paris showing it's most visited sights. The film references some of the best writers, painters and muse's of our time with the theme of nostalgic. The film explores why we all wish and think we should be from a different era and how the present day never seems as interesting as the past. I find the film very interesting yet it is still a light hearted chick film at heart. I would recommend this film to anyone and I love Rachel Mcadams and Owen in it. Beyond enjoyable.


  1. I saw it at the cinema,it was really nice,and Marion Cotillard was sublime!

  2. I completely agree she was stunning in it!